alex j mosher

User Experience is a cycle. it shouldn't end just because the project did.

my philosophy:

usability + information architecture + visual design + technology + accessibility + requirements

= user experience

There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.
- Milton Glaser


clean, modern. gets out of the way but hooks you in. you want to see more.

1 | web/interactive

X meritec: main website redesign concepts

X sedgwick: express claim intake website redesign

2 | mobile

X sedgwick: mobile display of express website redesign: responsive

X nationwide: intranet mobile site

The most common user action on a Web site is to flee.
- Edward Tufte


ask how do users solve their tasks? and why did they do it the way they did?

then create a better layout, a better system.

1 | site mapping & task flows
1 | site mapping & task flows
2 | sketch the possibilities
X 2 | sketch the possibilities

3 | document the plan
3 | document the plan
4 | wireframes
4 | wireframes

You have to create stuff that people really want, rather than create stuff just because you can.
- Genevieve Bell